- How long does it take to get my delivery?

Once you have completed your order paying with your credit/debit card or PayPal, it will takes 2-4 days to deliver. Please note that all goods are coming straight from Thailand.

- How do I know when exactly is the delivery day?

Our customer service will contact you immediately after you have completed your order and will arrange the fastest delivery date and delivery time with you.

- How it will works if some items are not available?

If some items are not available for some reason, we will refund it.

- How long does it takes until I get my refund?

Normally it takes 2-3 working days until you see the amount back into your bank account.
For any other questions, please contact me via
Whatsapp or phone: +856 20 5402 0000
My name is Sysay and I am happy to answer all your questions.